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IN Season Training

$179 per season

In season training for kickers and punters is to be used during a players regular playing season. 

The training program within the Kickers Are Athletes In Season Training Program are specifically designed to help kickers and punters increase their kicking power during a regular playing season. 


what you'll get

Access to your Coaches

Coaches will be available to answer questions and guide you through this program.

Programming 5 Days per Week

Strength, conditioning, and skill training that’s accessible and challenging for kickers/ punters of any level or background

Exercise Video Guidance

Movement demos to guide your practice and make execution easy

Detailed, expert instruction

Coaches who provide the feedback you need to grow

Committed Teammates

A vibrant community that will keep you pushing to unlock your best

Delivered through TrainHeroic

All of the programming is done through the easy to use/easy to follow TrainHeroic app.

Need more?

Add on a mobility program:  

 Mobility program 

or Mobility 2.0 program 

What you need to know about in Season Training

  • 16 week program (4 phases of training)

  • Soreness risk decreased

  • Fatigue risk decreased

  • Injury risk decreased

  • Maintaining the important qualities during season

Training phases

I don't want you to just maintain your foundation of strength and power, but I want you to get better at performing the lifts as well. By using 4 week blocks and slowly progressing throughout the program, you will become better at the movements. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this program will benefit all athletes.

REduce Soreness

We want to really minimize the risk of soreness during season. The reason for this is the ability to perform at our best on the field. Soreness can significantly decrease our performance. Exercise selection is minimized to decrease the risk of becoming sore. Training our ability to handle certain movements in the Kickers Are Athletes Off-season Program allows us to narrow down our favorite movements in season. 

Minimize Fatigue

Fatigue is another issue that can significantly reduce performance on the field. The way we control this is by balancing workout intensities throughout the week, and looking at our off-season training. The more sessions you did in a week during the off-season the more session you will be able to handle during the season. The off-season training sets the pace for your in-season plan.



Sterling Hofrichter

NFL Punter

"The workouts are kicker/punter specific and help to focus on the areas we need to be at our best."



D1 College Kicker

"I get so much out of this program, I have seen MASSIVE differences."

Sample workout


Training Options

Frequently asked Questions

The equipment needed for this training program is a barbell, kettlebell or dumbbell, squat rack, bench, and a jump box (or something similar and sturdy to jump on).

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