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Specialized Training Programs for Kickers

Jones Performance provides online and limited in person training to help fuel your kicking performance. We offer weekly workouts that can be done independently for both on and off season trainings, as well as general fitness workouts and speciality fitness programs.


Jones Performance offers online and limited in person training services. 


The Kickers Are Athletes Program is an online training program that offers weekly workouts to help increase your kicking performance. We offer both off season and in season training options. 

We also have general fitness workout programs and speciality kicking programs.

We have limited in person training sessions available. Please contact us for more information. 


In Season

In-season training program is for football kickers and punters during their football season.


off Season Training

Off-season training program is for football kickers and punters outside of their football season.


Virtual coaching

Limited space available. Virtual one-on-one coaching is available for kickers, punters, and fitness enthusiasts.


JP Team Programs

The JP Programs are general fitness programs for fitness enthusiasts looking to increase their strength and overall wellness.

Additional Programs

These additional programs are available in conjunction with the above options. They are utilized to help increase strength and mobility to your kicking game. 



The Mobility program is a great addition for both in- and off-season training for kickers and punters.





Kickstart is a 4-week program that is a great starting point to be used before off-season training. 


Mobility 2.0

The Mobility 2.0 program is a build off of the first mobility program and is a great addition for both in- and off-season training for kickers and punters. 


Foundations First

Foundations First is a 9-week program focusing on foundational strength & power for kickers /punters.

Who are these programs for?

  • High school, college, and professional athletes looking to up their kicking game

  • Fitness enthusiasts who want access to an effective and powerful workout regimine 

  • Kickers and punters who want effective training programs during both in season and off season. 

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Hear What Others Have to Say


Alex Quevedo
University of Oklahoma

After joining the KAA program, my body has never felt so game ready all the time. Just in the past couple of months of joining KAA I have noticed how much I have improved in consistency and explosiveness. There is no better training program for kickers and punters.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 12.08.55 PM.png

Vic Leventritt
NFL Free Agent

Kickers Are Athletes is a great program. While getting you a great workout, it focuses on gaining the necessary dynamics of kicking. Highly recommended to those who want to improve. 


Daniel Parisi
NFL Free Agent

The Kickers Are Athletes program has taught me how to use my body in a more efficient and effective way than I could have ever imagined. The movements and muscle groups we train in the weight room directly translates to the field. The prep work, mobility, strength, and explosive movements are specifically tailored to get the absolute best out of our training. After using the KAA program for two months I’ve kicked a higher, farther and more consistent ball than I ever have. I can’t wait to see how much I improve in the next few months.


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